Gambling Sites in United Kingdom

Welcome to Beantown Gamer! There have been a lot of changes in the world of online gambling and it can sometimes be pretty hard to keep up with it all. With our comprehensive guide and reviews, you are able to start your casino cash journey here!

Online Poker

online pokerOf course the hardest hit was online poker as almost all of the poker room except the cake poker network have excluded deposits from U.S. poker players. This does seem like it is setting up for the legalization of online poker by punishing all of the offenders who ignored the law previously.

Many of the poker room websites have been taken over by a seized by ICE – Department of Justice webpage. This didn’t stop these poker sites as they will simply acquire a URL from a country that the United States can’t seize, like .eu .ag and etc.

Online Sports Betting

But, not only poker was affected as online sportsbooks had to drastically change their business models for fears of reprisal. Many of these sites will no longer accept new customers; but behind the scenes, they are accepting deposits from trusted sports betting

Sports gambling is the most closely associated with illegal betting because it is mentioned in the original law that forbade placing bets over state lines. This is what the U.S. tried to lump the internet gambling under to try to make it illegal before UIGEA. Because of that, online sports betting will probably be the last betting activity to become fully legal in the States.

Online Casinos

Many online casinos decided to keep a low profile by excluding U.S. customers from playing, at least temporarily. Some, like BetUS, decided to tell people that they are no longer accepting deposits only to lie and continue to accept deposits while cutting out all advertising. Casinos like this are shady at best. If they can’t afford to pay their advertisers anymore, what makes you think that they won’t pull a Full Tilt Poker and start to not pay players.

online casinosOther online casinos decided to stop accepting US customers and have held true to their promises. These include all online casinos that use Microgaming, Cryptologic and Playtech casino software. Not accepting real money bets from U.S. players is part of the software provider’s agreement with the online casino. Other software providers have not cared as much and turn a blind eye to what the online casino does with the software.

Some online casinos have dropped out of the US market because of their processor for accepting deposits was no longer available. This was the case for almost all of the Rival casinos that dropped out back in April. If you would like to see a current list of casinos, click here for online gambling sites.

I think that the legalization of online casinos in the U.S. is closer than you think. That is, of course, unless you think it will happen within the next two years. The government is consumed by other issues and a looming presidential race before any talk of legalizing anything will occur.

The reason that I think it will happen is because Las Vegas is hurting, mainly because of the extended recession. The casinos on the strip have never been able to access any of the billions of dollars that is currently going to overseas countries. If they were allowed to enter the online casino market, it would be a game changer. Las Vegas would have millions of more dollars coming in and there would be a mad rush on casino customers. Not only that, but all of the shady online casinos would instantly disappear because they won’t be able to match a quality casino at any level.