Who Gambles Online?

who gambles onlineI don’t know how many of you go to the casinos or how often you go. I am there five days a week in A.C, plus the regular monthly trips to Las Vegas and I can tell you this – these places are packed. Just ask twenty people that you will come into contact with today, whether it is a friend, neighbor, coworker, mailman, policeman, relative, whatever.

If I were a betting man, I’d wager over 80 percent of them have been, are going, or expect to go to the casinos within the past/next month. Gambling has exploded in this country, and it hasn’t even scratched the surface. I’m talking casinos, sports, poker, bingo, race tracks, etc. It’s in the minds and lives of most people.

I can’t say everybody gambles, because the math wizards of the world would scream at me to back up my claims with positive proof – but you get the idea, it’s like a fever that has engulfed us.

Your Own Personal Need

I already explained why people gamble:

  • Need money
  • Need excitement
  • Need an outlet
  • Need the hope of companionship
  • Need the thrill of the chase
  • Need the hope that gambling will change their live

Surely you can find your own personal need in that list. Mine are number 1 and number 5. I admit I want the money and I need the chase, or at least the thrill of the chase that the competition offers me. But this was all explained earlier.

The reason for this article was to again emphasize my basic theory of how to gamble, regardless of whom you are or how often you play. The tiny amount of time I spent explaining the game was done to acquaint you with the basics. Read my twelve books and watch my twenty-three videos and you’ll garner all of the knowledge of the game that you need!

You Need Money Management and Discipline

What it comes down to is this: I don’t care a rat’s tail whether:

  • You gamble every day
  • You gamble once a year
  • You got a big bankroll
  • You got a small bankroll
  • You gamble seriously
  • You gamble for fun
  • You gamble for comps
  • You play blackjack, craps, slots, roulette, poker, horse racing, or sports.

I want you to consider my way of gambling. You have no idea the amount of heat I get from people who chastise me for trying to take the “fun” out of gambling. You also have no idea how many people contact me and tell me they have cut their losses to the bone and have gladly learned to “accept” small returns.

This latter group is ecstatic with the knowledge they will no longer get destroyed as long as they stay within the rules. The bottom line is quite simple: Regardless of whom, why, where, when, you play, you need:

  • Money management
  • Discipline

Those are really easy concepts to think about; but they are very difficult to put into practice when you are playing for real. The most difficult place where most people lose discipline is during a hot streak for the dealer. These games are always about going on streaks.

You must maximize your profits on your streaks and minimize the damage during the dealer’s streaks. Above all, if you don’t like the feel of things, pick up your chips and walk away from the table, get into a better mood mentally, then come back and kick some butt.

Who gambles? People who better realize what it takes to win. Do you?